Kevin Ratcliff's web site and blog

Welcome to! I'm Kevin, and this is my web site.

About me

In my professional life I'm a system administrator. Servers and networks and security and all that stuff. I listen to my police scanner in my spare time. I've been an amateur radio operator (call sign KB9MQU) since 1996, and currently hold a General class operator license. I also find aviation interesting, and you can browse some of the photos I've taken at airshows in the last few years.

Don't forget to read my blog. More content will be added at some point, but not necessarily soon!

About this site

I have this domain name primarily so I can have an email account at However, it makes sense to also have a web site running on the same domain. Rather than use shared web hosting or GitHub Pages I opted to host it on my VPS. Design parameters included a functional and secure site that can be easily updated. There was no need for extras like fancy images to slow down the site. Grav CMS with the Hypertext theme is working out nicely. Page load times are very fast.

Pages are served with TLS 1.3 encryption. JavaScript and cookies and tracking/analytics are not utilized.